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Welcome to everyone who visit our website and thanks for your inter-act and contribute to your idea to develop this site to be more professional in media and communication industries.


This site came up with my idea of sharing the breaking news that broadcast around the world. I start this website by developing from my blogspot which I founded in January 2010.

I upgrade to the official domain in February 2014 and make it to be more progress by today with the name of www.gepcnews.come.

What does GEPC mean?

The word GEPC is the abbreviation of Global Economy, Politics, and Culture that I stick as the following meaning:

  • Global: Mean all the below events that I write in my articles are worldwide.
  • Economy: The main factor that I focus is the economic situations in the world.
  • Politics: I also spread the politic events to the world as well in order to make my audiences more understand the new political event s that occur in the current situations.
  • Culture: Accompanying with the economy and politic I also bring some cultural events to the world for the knowledge and experience for my audiences.


I believe that when people have more knowledge about the economy, politics, and culture they will have the better judgment in business, investment, and also in the daily life decision-making.

When people know about the economy, they will understand the investment opportunities, business management, know how to control their personal and families incomes, absolutely their families social classes and income will be increase.

The politic is also the important part for their lives, when people know about their right such as civil or dividual right, advocacy right and so on, we can select the right people to be a leader for developing their communities.

Culture was needed to understand because all countries have difference culture, thus the people should exchange or understand each culture for supporting the daily life and make more flexible in decision-making.


The goal of my website is to improve the global people’s knowledge and reality related with the economy, politics, cultures for creating fair benefit societies and their communities developments.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


GepcNews Founder

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